About Me.

I'm a Founder and a Business Owner.

I started My Career In The Events Industry, But I've Always Been Passionate About Working With People And Helping Them Reach Their Goals. I Believe Everyone Has Something They're Good At, And It's Important To Give Them The Tools They Need To Do What They love.

Raised in a small village, I learnt to love the simple things in life. I was always drawn to a quiet place, where people could come and enjoy the beauty of nature.

After School, I began a Career in Event management and planning, It wasn't long before I realized that there was more to life than writing event reports for a vicious boss who was too busy to even read them. The Idea for Vintage Group grew from there, as did my desire to give back to this beautiful planet that had so enriched my life.

In 2013, we started the brand as Vintage ventures with my friend Peter Kim, which didn't become a hit as we thought it would. An year later We went separate ways as we had different passions, my friend wanted to be a renown film director and I wanted to be an entrepreneur, with a huge passion for creating things, starting companies and helping other people do what they love. Today I'm a full time Therapist, Founder of Vintage Group, a capital venture company with divisions in Events, Logistics, Architecture & Interior Designs, Audiovisual Engineering, Digital Creative and A Foundation that works toward empowering communities. I'm also the  Co-founder & Creative Consultant at Valensa Global, A Fashion & Design Line based in California and Nairobi, My mission here is to empower you who have read to this point, You need to trust You before anyone else, always put yourself first. And now that I have been doing this for a while now, I can tell you it/s a lot of fun.